What we stand for


In order to perfectly capture the Minecraft Survival Experience, we try and offer the best experience possible. Because of this, we have our top of the line hardware run 24/7, 365 Days a year! 


Because we want our players to have the best experience possible on our network, we went out of our way to get the top of the line hardware for our servers! Players can enjoy a smooth gaming experience with our hardware consisting of Ryzen 9 5950x’s, and DDR4 Ram!


Have you ever realized that your favorite Minecraft server doesn’t allow all players to join their servers? Yeah, we did too. This is why we implemented Cross-Platform support, for all of our gamemodes! It doesn’t matter if you play on Mobile, PlayStation 4, or even just on a Computer, you can still enjoy our servers with all of your friends!



The main 3 gamemodes currently in our network!


Anarchy is the most simplistic gamemode, sticking straight to it’s name: Vanilla Anarchy. No rules, no restrictions, except hacked clients are disabled, who will come out on top?


When attempting to create the perfect survival experience, we couldn’t leave out McMMO. McMMO is a Minecraft Plugin that allows you to level up different “abilities” by completing certain tasks. With the same friendly restrictions Read more…


The original survival experience first created by Sourceadmin! This gamemode has the same normal Vanilla Minecraft experience, but with a more friendly twist to it. With Griefing, Stealing, and Bullying prohibited from this server, all Read more…